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Save on your water heating costs with regular maintenance or a new efficient hot water tank

Maintenance Services 

Having a regular maintenance schedule will dramatically extend the life of your hot water tank and increase the efficiency as well. 

Water heaters lose about 40% efficiency in 5 years without regular maintenance. 

Talk to us today about our maintenance packages and learn how you can double the life of your unit.

Installation Services 

If you are planning to replace your hot water tank and boiler with a new traditional model or tankless models, we can help! 

We can provide a recommendation for you based on your budget and requirements to ensure you have the right system that is best for you.  

Contact us today for a quote.



Q: Is your hot water tank not performing as well as when you installed it a few years ago? 

A: Because of Calgary's hard water, calcification can occur, blocking heat transfer and forcing your tank to work much harder. A water softener is recommended to prolong the life of your plumbing systems. 

Q: When do you need to replace your hot water tank? 

A: We generally recommend that you contact us to assess your hot water tank before making the decision to replace with a new system.

Symptoms that could mean that you may need a new water tank include consistently running out of hot water, pilot light consistently turns off, water leaking from the tank, and discoloured water. 

Q: Should I switch to a tankless system? 

A: It depends! Tankless water systems can translate to significant savings in your utility costs and will save you a lot more space in your utility room. With proper regular maintenance, this will last you a long time and a great return for your investment. 

However, the initial cost to purchase and install is high due to the added electrical and gas requirements. 

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